Preparation and configuration of imported goods for the European/German market: tevigo develops, manufactures and imports animal and insect repellent items for the German and European market. The few selected suppliers and in-house productions ensure the quality, functionality and uniqueness of our products. The products are manufactured according to European standards and regulations and all have according manuals, packing, labeling and certificates.

Distribution and logistics: The tevigo warehouse is conveniently located between Hanover and Braunschweig, near to the A2 and A7 motorways. From there the imported goods are distributed into the German/European market. Tevigo distributes its goods to mail order companies, departments doors, discount stores, home shopping companies, retailers and central warehouses. We can also make shipments to individual branches or even directly to the end user.

Conceptual sales: We develop individual concepts for our clients. Our products are not only available as an individual box but can also be integrated into sales displays, packed as bulk goods or be bundled with other items. For the sales areas in hardware stores or department stores we recommend sales displays, as these will attract attention and at the same time provide information about the products. Simple packing is ideal for discount stores and checkout areas and the mail order companies preferably like to sell bundles containing mor than one product.

Product development: You have animals, vermin or insects in your vicinity which you would rather see someone else? Then let us know about it. Our product developers and engineers are working daily with new ideas, creating solutions and modifying running products. Gardigo doesn't offer you the standard product. Instead products are more advanced, modified and optimized, reacting to the needs of the market. Our own R&D, product design and uniqueness is our label.

OEM: Are you looking for a promotional item or are you yourself manufacturer? We can offer you all items in their own packing, presentation or your own brand name and logo. If you need assistance in the design of the packing, we can also gladly offer you this service.

Product design: you would like to implement your design into our products with our know-how? Again, we can help you develop and design a customized product.