Own brand

Our own brand.

Our Gardigo brand offers you a product range for repelling animals, vermin and insects on an ecologically and environmentally friendly basis. Repelling animals does not mean to hurt or kill them, but to “suggest” to them to move to a different area where they can carry on living their life.

The advantage to the user is, that by using Gardigo products, the quality of the surroundings are improved, but the life and well-being of other animals is not endangered.

Pets belong to everyday life. We love animals and love living with them. On the other hand some areas need to be kept animal free for hygienic or protective reasons. Bedrooms, kitchens, fruit trees, ponds, sandpits or larders are not the areas in which vermin or insects are wanted.

The products of Gardigo have various methods to keep away mosquitoes, dogs, cats, weasels, birds or moles.

Gardigo has many years of experience in this field and is a competent partner for animal and insect repellent.

Nearly 90% of the Gardigo products have been developed and designed by us. We offer our customers to choose from different sales concepts or to vary the concepts. Our extensive range can also be configured in a number of sales displays.

Product line

Insect repellent
Our product line of insect repellents is focused on mosquitoes. The various solutions range from ultrasonic solutions and scent solutions to insect exterminators. The latter being offered only as a requirement to round off all possibilities on the subject.

Marten repellent
If a marten or a weasel is visiting, it cannot only be annoying, but also dangerous. Martens are known to cause considerable damage and can even become a hazard when they start gnawing on the pipes of the car. The marten repellent range of Gardigo will help to keep the marten and other rodents away from your car, home, garden or shed.

Animal repellent
Animal repellent products will keep away dogs, cats, moles, ants, spiders, birds and other vermin. The product range is very large and deals with all groups of animals. The basic principle of keeping the animals away is based on ultrasonic sound, specially generated for the different animals. The animals are not harmed, only the location is for the animals most unpleasant and after a short time they will move and look for a quieter place.